Five questions about Livery Companies – Quick Quiz

The City of London has 108 Livery Companies, many of them tracing their history back to the trade and craft guilds of the Middle Ages, others rather more recent. How much do you know about them?

  1. How many of the 108 companies have a direct connection with leather? Two, four, six or eight?
  2. What did the members of the Worshipful Company of Curriers originally do for a living?
    1. Blend spices
    2. Treat leather
    3. Transport goods
    4. Groom horses
  3. Which of the following trades or professions does not feature in the list of 108 companies?
    1. Water Conservators
    2. Actuaries
    3. Image Consultants
    4. Environmental Cleaners
  4. Which of the Worshipful Companies was originally responsible for overseeing surgeons?
    1. Skinners
    2. Barbers
    3. Cutlers
    4. Butchers
  5. What did/does a Loriner make?
    1. Metalwork for horses’ harnesses
    2. Wooden overshoes for use in mucky streets
    3. Opera glasses
    4. Church organs

Check your answers here!

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