Five questions about the world of wine – Quick Quiz

How much do you know about the wine business? This month’s quiz (quite difficult, we think) tests your knowledge of the world of wine without a drop passing your lips, although you might enjoy a drink after taking the test!

  1. Several Californian sellers of cheap wine were in the news recently over a class action suit claiming that they contain up to five times the amount permitted by law of which toxin?
  2. Which country was the world’s biggest exporter of wine in 2014?
    And for a bonus point, which country was the biggest importer of these wines, often bottling them and selling them as their own?
  3. Wines which display a certain tasting profile are sometimes called “polo wines” by Australians. What is the conventional term for such wines?
  4. In 2012 Rudy Kurniawan achieved notoriety as the perpetrator of the biggest wine hoax in history. It involved counterfeiting one of the world’s most famous wines. Which?
  5. In the last week of April 2015, The Drinks Business reported that Waitrose sales of a certain country’s wine were up by a massive 95% in 2014 compared to the previous year. Which country?

Check your answers here!

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