Ghost embryos?

We saw this pretty bizarre story put out by the dpa news agency yesterday. It’s a daft enough story in itself, but the name of the accused was particularly apposite:

A Hong Kong man was on trial for allegedly tricking a 20-year-old student into having sex with him by claiming he could rid her of evil spirits. Technician Lo Fuk-yee, 63, is accused of having sex with the student twice in her flat after convincing her that her period pains were ghost embryos.

It seems hard to imagine that any 20-year-old could be fooled by a story like that. You might think that it’s down to cultural differences and that some cultures are shy about explaining the facts of life to their adolescents. But this story from a few years back suggests that it’s something that British women may have to watch out for too:
“Tricked into sex” by penis cream treatment

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