Kumsusan Memorial Palace

Pic of the Week: 27 December 2011

Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang

by David Stanley © 2011

Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang, North Korea (DPR).

David adds:

“This is the final resting-place of Kim Il-sung (the Great Leader) and now his son, Kim Jong-il (the Dear Leader).”

You can see many more of David’s fascinating photos of Pyongyang and North Korea on Google Plus

2 thoughts on “Kumsusan Memorial Palace

  1. I visited North Korea with a group from Regent Holidays in Bristol, England. Fascinating trip! On our scheduled day to visit the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, we were asked to dress in our finest attire and be on our very best behavior. No photos were allowed inside the palace but outside it was okay. As we entered the chamber with Kim Il-sung’s embalmed corpse we lined up in rows and bowed several times as we had been instructed to do. Of course, everyone in our British group dutifully complied as a token of respect for our North Korean hosts. I suppose future groups will have the honor of doing the same before Kim Jong-il!

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