Springbok Mountain Lodge

Pic of the Week: 11 December 2011

A mountain lodge in South Africa's Northern Cape Province

by Mike Kingdom-Hockings © 2011

Mike adds:

“Naries Namakwa Retreat, near the town of Springbok in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province, has several different kinds of accommodation. This is one of the Mountain lodges, perched on the edge of a scarp looking towards the Atlantic coast. They are thatched over a steel frame, with existing rocks integrated into the interior layout. The concept comes from a bushman dwelling built on a wattle frame. The motorbike is the cleaner’s transport.”

You can read Mike’s review of the Naries Namakwa Retreat, including information about accessibility for guests with disabilities, on our sister site CanDoCanGo

One thought on “Springbok Mountain Lodge

  1. Nice photo, and an interesting shape of building, Mike.

    I’ve heard it said somewhere that the people living in buildings with this sort of shape aren’t as susceptible to optical illusions involving straight lines as are people who live in rectangular houses – and also that their sense of spatial aptitude is different, which means an extra dimension (pun not intended) needs to be considered when it comes to designing cross-cultural intelligence tests.

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