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Haggis recipe

"Have a haggis bag (ie a sheep's paunch) perfectly clean, and see that there be no thin part to it, else your whole labour will be lost due to its bursting." Meg Dod's prize-winning haggis recipe - strong (sheep's) stomachs required!

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Carry on cooking

"The following week when apparently I had consumed two tons (sic) of tuna, I just let it go. No doubt there would be a logical explanation. However, when I saw that I had paid 5 dinar for one wenker (again sic), I had to question it." Phil finds that it's not always easy to understand what your domestic staff are up to.

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CArtoon cat by Tim Basham of

Feline angry

"Brits have a reputation for being pet lovers and that's great. I quite like dogs, when they're not fierce-looking brutes who jump on me and clart my clothes with muddy paw-marks. And I don't mind cats when they're in someone else's house and being all nice, fluffy, and purry. But what drives me mental is all the pooh involved." Phil McCollum sounds off about a pet hate.

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Bohemian Curry

"Naan-aa, just killed a man
Poppadom against his head
Had lime pickle, now he's dead..."

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Yorkshire puddings

These are easy to make and tasty with any roast dinner.

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