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Posts Tagged ‘national days’

Flag of Italy (150x150px)

Italy: Republic Day

The Festa della Repubblica celebrates the 1946 referendum which abolished the Italian monarchy and sent the House of Savoy into exile.

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Flag of Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Downfall of the Derg Day

28 May, Ethiopia's National Day, marks the fall of Mengistu and the Derg regime, which presided over civil war for 17 years and the famines of the mid-1980s.

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Flag of Cameroon (150px square)

Cameroon: National Day

Cameroon celebrates its National Day on 20 May. However, the situation's a little more complex than that - as a result of colonial history.

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Flag of the Netherlands

The Netherlands: King’s Day

History of the Netherlands' National Day—first celebrated as Princess's Day in 1885 for King Willem-Alexander's much-loved great-grandmother Wilhelmina.

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Flag of Wales - Y Ddraig Goch

St David’s Day

1 March is St David's Day - still not an official holiday in Wales, in spite of growing support for the idea.

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