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A farrier shoeing a horse

An old craft

"This South African farrier used to travel most of the year - including up into Botswana, where I photographed him with my trusty old AE-1."

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Anil, a coolie at Delhi's Sarojini Nagar market


"This is Anil, one of the coolies from Delhi's Sarojini market. I used to choose Anil a lot of the time when we first arrived in Delhi because he was the smallest. By the time we left three years later, he was one of the biggest."

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A help key springs from a keyboard


"I needed a photo for some local advertising for my computer repair/networking business. This photo was taken on the kitchen counter with the aid of a ballpoint pen spring and some Blu Tack."

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Fake ruins near the town of Belek on the Turkish Riviera

News from the front

"I can't tell you precisely where I am. This isn't a matter of secrecy. It's a consequence of my overall unfamiliarity with the local geography and the fact that most of the road signs are in Turkish. I don't know if they're hoping to direct me to the next town or a golf course." Trevor Dykes invades the Turkish Riviera...

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Mortehoe village in North Devon

Mortehoe, Devon

"Mortehoe village is one of several pretty villages in the North Devon area, but it was the sharp textures on this wall that really caught my eye. The angle of the sun set them into strong relief."

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