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van Rhyn's Pass, South Africa

van Rhyn’s Pass, South Africa

"South Africa has some superb wilderness that matches US parks - without the crowds. That's why we hire a pickup and take dirt roads some of the time (although van Rhyn's Pass is actually on one of the three tarred main roads going vaguely north/south)."

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A church near Savannah in Georgia, USA

Goshen Road Church

"This is a pretty little church in the town where I actually live. It's easier to say I live in Savannah, but Rincon is a small town about 25 miles outside of Savannah. This church lies in the central reservation of the main road that runs through town."

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Close-up of a steam engine

Steam power!

"India's National Rail Museum is a fascinating place for a photographer to visit - there's a tremendous range of lines, shapes, colours and textures all brought together in a relatively compact area. The light on a winter's afternoon is ideal - just enough edge taken off that brilliant Delhi sunshine."

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Camels at the beach in Australia

A day at the beach

"Blackpool may have its ice cream, 'kiss me quick' hats and donkeys - but here in Australia we do things a little differently!"

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Highland cow standing in a pond

Flora does it every year…

"You know that summer has finally arrived in Caithness when Flora poses in the pond."

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