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Posts Tagged ‘wildlife’

The birds and the bees

"Some bees make honey, some bees buzz around, and some bloody BIG bees will build nests (beehives?) on your backside if you're not careful." Some facts of life in Delhi as seen by Stravaig...

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Living on the backside

"Although no stranger to the Indian sub-continent, I am new to New Delhi. Perhaps I should shut up and write about what I know. Rule one in any 'How to write' manual. Even so, the observations of a newcomer may be of interest. Let's give it a shot." Stravaig kicks off her column about life in New Delhi.

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View of "Camusfeàrna" Bay

Ring of Bright Otters

Gavin Maxwell, author of Ring of Bright Water, died in September 1969. Eighteen months earlier his house, which he called Camusfearna and had been home to the writer and his otters for so long, was destroyed by fire. Now, more than three decades later, Mike Clark tells how the Bright Water landscape has dramatically altered.

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A silent spring

"It's been an eerie week out in the countryside. The weather clamped down over the weekend and the first signs of Spring were quickly covered with a blanket of icy wet snow, chilled hard by a biting wind straight from Siberia..." Liz Butterfield describes the eerieness of a country in the grips of foot-and-mouth disease.

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