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Pic of the Week – 4 August 2008

An Indian Railways official with a brightly coloured Rajasthani head-dress stands by the Fairy Queen steam locomotive

by Kay McMahon © 2001

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Kay adds:

“I took this photo back in November 2001, when we went on a weekend special on the Fairy Queen – the world’s oldest steam locomotive operating on a main line. Inevitably there was a lot of pomp and ceremony about the whole thing, and this Indian Railways official (I’m not sure whether he was the stationmaster or the guard) certainly got into the spirit of the thing!

“You might think that there’s a certain amount of colour distortion in the photo and that the colours couldn’t possibly have been that bright. Believe me, they were! It was a brilliantly sunny day, and quite hot – although the following night and morning were freezing cold.”

You can read more about the Fairy Queen in the India pages of our Expat Asia section:
A Trip on the Fairy Queen

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