Trivia Quiz 3

  1. Which instrument has been described as “that ill woodwind that no-one blows good”?
  2. What was escapologist Harry Houdini’s real name?
  3. Which is heavier – an ounce of lead or an ounce of gold?
  4. Of which country is Kingstown the capital?
  5. What was Issur Danielovich Demsky better known as?
  6. Which is heavier – a pound of lead or a pound of gold?
  7. Who was the longest-reigning king in British history?
  8. Why did the Siamese twins move from Britain to France?
  9. What is the only village in the United Kingdom with an exclamation mark after its name?
  10. What does the Highway Code give as the minimum stopping distance (in feet) at 50mph?
  11. What is the tallest mountain in the Americas?
  12. What was the Spruce Goose?

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