Trivia Quiz 4

  1. What is an avatar?
  2. What is a potoroo?
  3. What is spermaceti?
  4. Of which country was Rev Canaan Banana once the President?
  5. Who famously said, “Mr Watson, come here. I want you”?
  6. In Iceland, the telephone directory is in alphabetical order of first names. Why?
  7. What is a xylocarp?
  8. What would you make out of bdellium: bullets, curtains or perfume?
  9. If someone was chthonic, where would they live?
  10. Of which country is Bandar Seri Begawan the capital?
  11. “And Smith must score!” For which team, against which team, in which year’s FA Cup Final?
  12. What is the “bleeding edge”?

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