Turning into our parents

Pic of the Week – 23 January 2006

Liz Williams's mother, photographed in 1935

submitted by Liz Williams © 2006

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Liz adds:

“I have to admit that sometimes I look in the mirror and I see that I look rather like my Mom. But that is fine because I always thought my Mom looked really good – at whatever age she was. I actually think that she was a lot prettier than I was when she was in her 20s and 30s.

“This is my Mom. The photo was taken in about 1935. When I was home last summer for her 90th birthday, I made a collage of my Mom’s life. After I was done, I emailed the photos to myself, then I fiddled around with them when I got home, printed the photo and put it in a frame – and it’s now up on my wall.”

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