Virgin Experience Days

Stuck in the UK this summer? Poor you! Why not make the most of it and do something different with a Virgin Experience Day?

Virgin Experience Days always have some great ideas for a fun-filled day and experiences to remember for life. Right now, Virgin Experience Days have got some exciting deals available and live on site. Whether you are seeking adrenalin rushes or soothing relaxation, Virgin Experience Days have fantastic experiences to stimulate your senses! There’s always something for everyone at Virgin Top Experience Days!

Introductory Flying Lesson £99.00

Extended Flying Lesson £189.00

Feel the adrenalin rush as you take the controls of a light plane and soar across the sky! You get one-to-one training with a Civil Aviation Authority licensed instructor, and your flying time counts towards a Private Pilot’s licence. Choose either the Introductory option for an introduction to flying or Extended flying for a longer, more in-depth lesson.

Ultimate Wimbledon Tour for Two £129.00

Embark on a stunning multi-dimensional tour of the traditions, triumphs, sights and sounds that have made Wimbledon the most coveted title in tennis. Your visit will include a guided tour of the All England Lawn Tennis Club as well as entrance to the historic Lawn Tennis Museum.

Dinner on the Thames £149.00

Experience the finest food, breathtaking river views, live entertainment and professional service onboard a Bateaux London Thames River Dinner Cruise. Cruising past some of London’s famous attractions whilst dining onboard is an occasion quite simply not to be missed – this really is the perfect dinner date.

Silverstone Thrill – Special Offer! £99.00

Can’t make your mind up on which sensational car to go for? No problem, we offer the Silverstone Race Track Thrill voucher that allows the lucky recipient to choose for themselves:

Aston Martin Thrill: Blast the iconic Aston Martin V8 Vantage around Silverstone’s Southern Circuit for three sensational laps.
Ferrari Thrill: Revel in the distinctive engine howl as you unleash the mighty Ferrari V8 down the Hangar Straight. Our Ferrari 360 Modena F1™ cars are fitted with the paddle-shift gearbox so you really will feel like an F1™ Driver as you shift down the gears and throw the car at famous corners like Stowe and Club. Three laps of the two-mile Southern Circuit in a Ferrari is the stuff of dreams!
Rally Thrill: Prepared by M Sport, the Ford Works Rally Team, the Fiesta STI is the same as the car used in the FST Championship. You’ll learn to handbrake turn and practise the Scandinavian Flick as you charge through our Rally Special Stage. With gravel ricocheting off the underside of the car and mud spraying the windows you’ll realise that to drive a real rally car fast takes a unique blend of skill, car control and courage!
Single-Seater Thrill: Hey, is that Lewis Hamilton? – no, it’s you! Our Formula Silverstone Single-Seaters are the real deal: punchy engine, aerodynamic wings and a lightweight streamlined body. Out on circuit they handle as if they’re on rails and are so responsive it feels as if you’re controlling them by thought alone. You can see the wheels move around, hear the wail of the engine and feel every detail of the track surface; this is what it feels like to qualify for the British Grand Prix! Everyone should drive a single-seater at least once in their life; this is your chance to drive one at Silverstone Race Track.
Lotus Exige S Thrill: A supercharged Lotus Exige S and a race track – what else could you want? “Speed through Lightness” is Lotus’s philosophy and with the Exige S they have taken it to the limit! No other road car can touch the nimbleness and cornering ability of the Exige and with the supercharger screaming away behind your ear you’ll push this minimalist rocket harder and faster than you ever thought possible for 5 laps of the Southern Circuit.

One Night Hotel Break with Afternoon Tea for Two £99.00

What better way to relax and indulge with this overnight stay and delicious afternoon tea experience? With a range of delightful 3* and 4* hotels, from elegant manor house retreats set in extensive grounds, to modern and contemporary hotels in city centres, you are sure to be truly rested and rejuvenated on your return.

Double Supercar Thrill Choice £129.00

Bring your dream driving experience to life and choose two cars of any combination from this amazing list of supercars. Will you choose one of the Italian powerhouses, a Ferrari or Lamborghini Gallardo? Maybe you will pick a German sports car legend, the Porsche 911, or revel in Audi’s masterpiece, the R8? Or do you want to live the life of James Bond and experience a supreme example of modern automotive design in an Aston Martin? Last but not least, dare you try the monster of Japanese supercars, an engineering marvel, the Nissan GTR?

Two-Night Surf Break for Two £249.00

Looking for surfing gifts? Come and spend two days on the beautiful west coast of Cornwall with this overnight surf break for two. Enjoy two surf lessons each with a qualified instructor, five hours of coaching, an overnight stay for two nights and delicious breakfast each morning. Surfing gifts don’t come much more laid back than this!

Zapcat Powerboat – Special Offer £49.50

Zapcat Powerboat … the best ever experience? … Probably! You’ll feel like James Bond in this high-speed sea adventure. This is the only powerboat experience in the UK that is run and delivered by the team that run the National Zapcat Championship where most of the instructors and staff have all competed and all instructors hold commercially endorsed RYA Powerboat certificates. Zapcats are lightweight, high speed, insanely agile, adrenaline pumping, performance powerboats. Great fun on calm water and a huge grin factor in waves and in the air! Just under 50mph top speed, up to 3 G in a turn, handle as if on rails, leap 6ft into the air and you start to understand what these boats can do! This is motocross or rallying on water, the skill of the pilot, a couple of foot straps and ropes are all that is going to prevent you from going for a swim! But if you do, you will be wearing a helmet, lifejacket and top of the range dry suit and a safety boat will be there to rescue you. As all race co-pilots will tell you, “You don’t qualify to call yourself a Zapcat co-pilot unless you have been for at least one swim!”

One-Night Break with Dinner at Coombe Abbey for Two £219.00

Set in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, Coombe Abbey offers the perfect location for a romantic break for two. You will stay in one of the hotel’s feature bedchambers, many of which offer four poster beds and Victorian baths. To complete your stay you may also enjoy a delicious three-course evening meal at The Garden Room restaurant offering a range of the finest cuisine, plus breakfast the following morning. The perfect getaway for a truly memorable experience.

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