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Lomo panoramic 360° camera from Firebox

Lomo panoramic 360-degree cameraI love the look of this little beauty.  I’d jump at the chance to try it, and at less than £100 I may well do so.  (Firebox does international delivery.)

Click on the picture for full details of the camera and to buy online if you’re tempted.  It looks like a great gadget, but I must confess, the fact that it uses film puts me off a bit.  I wonder if you can get such a thing in digi?  Does anyone know?

If you were to be spending money on cameras or equipment what would be on your wish list?

PG Author: Kay McMahon

Kay has been an expat for 25 years. She set up the British Expat website more than 15 years ago, whilst living in London and missing the expat life. These days she spends much of her time lugging computers and cameras around the world. (Dave gets to deal with all the really heavy stuff.)

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