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Hello, I’m Kay and I hope you enjoy our website. British Expat was launched early in 2000 and has grown considerably since then, attracting several bright new columnists as well as top quality professionals. We have a diverse readership with the expatriate lifestyle in common, but also now have a growing following at home in Britain. We formed a new company in February 2001, British Expat Ltd, and the website has been published by that company ever since.

When we started out, we were unique in our approach to the concept of British expats. The growth of the Internet, however, inevitably has led to others also wishing to follow this path. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so when, each week, we find yet another site for British expats, we try to take it as a compliment – in the knowledge that we lead the field. What makes us different? Others may have the same links but we have retained our unique style combined with loads of original content. We believe this sets us apart.

Things evolve and, whilst we have plans for the future, to some extent has taken on its own personality – mainly influenced by what our readers want. As we move on, we look back and realise how many friends we have made en route.

And now here we are, more than ten years down the road, launching a revamped version of the site. We hope you’ll bear with us during this transitional period. I hope you’ll like the new look of the site with its improved navigation to make everything easier to find. Plus we have lots of new content and plenty more to come, not least we’ll be welcoming aboard several new columnists.

Thanks to all those who work so hard to make “BE”, as we call it, a success; and thanks too to our readers, without whom there would be no purpose.

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