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Category: China

Hong Kong Star Ferry arriving at Wan Chai Ferry Pier

Per astra ad ardua

One of Hong Kong's Star Ferries arriving at Wan Chai Ferry Pier on Hong Kong Island.

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Kwun Tong Promenade, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Kwun Tong Promenade

Kwun Tong Promenade on the northern shore of Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

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Winding mountain road in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China

Winding road

A winding road climbs up a mountainside in Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China.

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Flag of the People's Republic of China

China: National Day

China celebrates its National Day on 1 October, the anniversary of the proclamation of the People's Republic by Mao Zedong in 1949.

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Flag of Hong Kong SAR

Music Matters Festival – Hong Kong

Music Matters LIVE with H&M, Hong Kong’s FREE LIVE international music festival, is set to rock Hong Kong on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 May 2010.

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