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Category: Singapore

Jake Needham

Expat Interview – Jake Needham

Part One of our interview with US author Jake Needham, in which he talks about life as an expat, both now and when he set out to live in Asia in the 1980s.

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"The Big Mango" by Jake Needham

Expat Interview – Jake Needham (Part 2)

In Part Two of our interview with Jake Needham, he talks about his writing—his inspirations, the impact of eBooks on publishing, and just how easy is it to make a living from writing novels?

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The Inspector Samuel Tay series by Jake Needham

Expat interview – Jake Needham (Part 3)

The concluding part of our interview with US author Jake Needham, plus details of where to get his excellent books in the Kindle Store.

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Marina Bay, Singapore

A blogging Brit abroad: 21st Century Mummy discusses Singaporean life

Expat blogger Janine Clements talks to Singapore's Ben Holbrook about her experiences since moving from London in 2011.

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A duo of Cantonese opera singers

A night at the opera – water sleeves and pheasants’ tails

Cantonese opera is an elaborate, elegant and beautiful spectacle - as Kay and Dave found recently when they were treated to a performance at The Pavilions pool villa resort in Phuket.

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