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Expat Post – need a UK address?

Guess which ExpatPost security staff member was voted as being the cutest, and win yourself a free UK mailbox for a year!

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Cartoon of a strange alien creature

Reverse culture shock

If you have moved away from the UK for a significant period of time you probably experienced some level of culture shock when you first arrived in your new country of residence. Most people are prepared for this, and realise it takes time to adjust. What you may not be aware of is that a similar process is likely to happen if you move back to British shores. Read how to cope with it!

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Drawing of a plane and a hot air balloon over various world landmarks

Among the expats

"We tend to talk of foreigners in the UK as 'immigrants', irrespective of whether they intend to return to their country of birth or not. In fact, some intend to return and won't, some have an open mind, but will and so on. This is entirely a mirror image of what happens to the British abroad, most of whom do not return permanently. In a sense there is another, alternative, Britain out there, spread and clustered across the globe, the Britain of the expat, with its own culture and identity." Lincoln Allison considers the anthropology of the British expat.

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The words "Thank you" in several different languages

Making friends and learning languages is difficult for British expats

Living abroad can be difficult, especially for expatriates who need to learn a new language. Over 25% of Britons living overseas have few or no friends other than other British expats, according to a survey from relocation company Robinsons.

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aircraft on world map

Top 5 countries Brits emigrate to—and why

Find out the most popular countries for British people to emigrate to - and why they want to go there.

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