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Cartoon of guys in Spain eating a fried breakfast that they can no longer call "English"

Choking on our bacon

Outrage sweeps the costas as a Spanish court tells expat bars and cafes that a breakfast can't be an English Breakfast unless it's cooked in Blighty...

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Cartoon of a woman with broken teeth holding up a six-inch nail

New Year’s Resolution

Cartoon drawn by Kay on the theme of New Year's resolutions!

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An enquiry from West Africa

"'Before the death of my father on february2005 in a private hospital here in Nouadhibou he secretly called me on his bedside and told me that he has 15 TONS DRIED WHALE PENISES...' Our resident paleontologist, Dr Trev, doesn't normally interest himself in the penises of whales. They're a bit too fresh. However, he has agreed to attempt an approximation of how many individuals may have been castrated." Trevor Dykes examines one of the weirdest 419 scams yet...

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Flag of Romania - thumbnail

Life the Romanian way

"Being an expat from Blighty and now running a bed-and-breakfast just outside Pitesti for about 18 months, I've had the pleasure of sampling most of the delights the way of life has to offer here..." Alex Campbell takes a wry look at life in Romania!

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The Moon entering Earth's shadow during a total lunar eclipse

Moon Song: a response

"For all the folks who read Dave Hook's poem
And think that it's right on the money
I've got a few words, if you know where I'm going
And I can't help thinking, 'How funny'."

GerryL replies to Dave Hook's Moon Song - in verse!

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