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Some personal views on life in the UK

Five famous female UK expats

“We in the UK have contributed a great many valuable creations to the world: football, the fry-up, the first commercially successful light farm tractor and the telephone (kind of). The modern world, however, is far more interested in celebrities than pioneering social and scientific advances…” so Jamie Waddell’s come up with a list of female celebs that sprang from the shores of Blighty and made their mark across the globe.

Infographic showing how UK production now accounts for less than 50% of the full English breakfast

The full English breakfast?

“The overly generous combo of bacon, eggs, black pudding, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast and a mug of tea has set the honest working men of Britain up for the day and dampened hangovers since time immemorial. Whilst other nations may have equally gluttonous morning menus, there’s something peculiarly unique about a full English breakfast that can’t be emulated anywhere in the world.” Or can it? Jamie Waddell comes up with a few shocking food facts that might make you choke on your cornflakes…

Brits behaving badly…

With the publication of the FCO’s third annual “British Behaviour Abroad” report, the UK media are full of stories about Brits misbehaving overseas. Are we really all as bad as the press would have us believe?

How European migration is starting to recede

“The scale of migration [since EU expansion in 2004] has cheered those eager to promote mobility within the EU and distressed those who fear the economic and social effects of uncontrolled immigration. Yet both cheerleaders and detractors of Europe’s newfound mobility are getting worked up by a temporary phenomenon.” Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah explains why the UK has nothing to fear from the legendary Polish plumber.