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Category: Portugal

Channel 5 is looking for expat hotel owners in Spain, Portugal and France

Is your hotel in Spain, the Algarve or France going through a rough patch? Television Production company Twofour are currently looking for hotels to feature in one of their longest-running series for Channel 5.

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Expat insights into life in Portugal

"Portugal is a popular destination for expats as well as tourists, with communities dotted throughout the country, most notably the Algarve. The favourable weather and excellent cuisine make it easy to see why, too. But once expats relocate here they can be subjected to life-changing experiences and learn valuable lessons from their Portuguese neighbours." Jamie Waddell gives us the insights of three English-speaking expats who made the move to Portugal.

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Christmas around the world – Portugal

I love Christmas, always have done. I’m not a practising Christian (don’t hold that against me) but I just love the build up, the colours – red, green, white, gold, the lights, the christmassy images of snow-covered pine trees, log fires, reindeer, snow, candles, christmassy flower arrangements, the friendly Santa faces – it’s feel good […]

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Halloween in Portugal

Celebrating Halloween, as we know it, here in Portugal is a relatively new social phenomenon. Witches and ghouls galore, kids’ parties, commercial tra la la. This concept doesn’t mean anything to the Portuguese. Thank globalisation for this commercial orgy. Halloween here is usually spent at the cemetery in preparation for All Saints’ Day, 1 November. On […]

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Weddings in Portugal

[Editor’s note: in our latest opt-in email newsletter, we asked people to comment on weddings around the world. We received the contribution below from Jayne.] My initial reaction to (Portuguese) weddings is: “Please, please, don’t invite me, please!” Obviously I don’t actually say that, but it’s what I think when someone tells me they’re getting […]

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