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Highlighting just some of the issues people face around the world

Perspectives on Parkinson’s

On discovering that the prospective subject of a BE interview has Parkinson’s Disease, Kay’s spurred on to find out more about this condition and what it means for the sufferers and those close to them.

Child sex tourism

Several countries, including the UK, can convict people for child sex offences committed abroad. However, enforcement is very mixed. Sometimes, sorry to say, it’s a matter of the government of the offender’s country of origin not being willing to commit resources to extraditing and prosecuting its own criminals.

Gozo Society for the Protection and Care of Animals


Gozo SPCA is the only charity in Gozo (that’s the small island next to Malta!) looking after the protection and care of all animals. Its centre, in Victoria, acts as a busy strays and rehoming centre. Find out how you can help the volunteers at the Gozo Society for the Protection and Care of Animals – founded by expats in 1976.


Anti-Slavery Campaign: a reader’s reply

“I recently came across the article about slavery in all its diabolical forms, trafficking, etc. Do people think that this is one of those blights on humanity which only happens in far away foreign countries so while we feel very sorry about it we don’t feel too concerned or threatened? Or do you think perhaps it also happens a little closer to home? Hmm!” BE reader Jayne tells a disturbing story of slavery within the EU…