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It’s been brought to our notice that someone has been sending emails purporting to be from a director of British Expat seeking representatives to handle BE cheques in various parts of the world. We are NOT seeking any representatives of this kind.

We’ve banned the perpetrator from our webmail service, have noted his/her details and have reported this criminal activity to the appropriate authorities. We’ve also changed our policies so that any future webmail subscribers have to be manually approved. We are also pursuing instances where the culprit has used other webmail providers. [Editor’s note – we have since withdrawn the webmail service.]

If you think you may have been spoofed, please use our contact form to let us know – we’ll let you have our genuine email address where you can forward the original email, complete with headers. We’ll do everything we can to put a stop to their crimes.

For more information about phishing and how to protect yourself, we recommend the Anti-Phishing Working Group’s website