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Provinces in Canada: abbreviations

Each of Canada’s ten provinces and three territories has its own code (two letters for most of them, three or even four in a minority of cases) which you’ll find used time and time again when you’re dealing with Canadian federal and provincial officials. Here’s a reference list of them.

  • AB = Alberta*
  • BC = British Columbia*
  • MB = Manitoba*
  • NB = New Brunswick*
  • NFLD = Newfoundland and Labrador*
  • NWT = Northwest Territories
  • NS = Nova Scotia*
  • NV = Nunavut
  • ON = Ontario
  • PEI = Prince Edward Island*
  • QC = Quebec**
  • SK = Saskatchewan*
  • YK = Yukon*

* = has Provincial Nominee Program

** = Quebec has own selection immigration class

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