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Delhi Parks

Lodi Gardens

Eicher p97, B5. North of Lodi Road, west of the India International Centre and south-west of Khan Market. Very popular, especially at weekends and first thing in the morning. One of the few places in Delhi where you can get in free to an ancient monument (tombs of two of the Lodi kings, and one or two other old buildings too). Lots of squirrels. Watch out for the many cricketers and their flying tennis balls, which unfortunately spoil the atmosphere quite a bit.

Nehru Park

Eicher p96, F6. In Chanakyapuri, bounded by Niti Marg, Panchsheel Marg, Satya Marg and Vinay Marg. Quite an extensive park – big enough to have a temple in the middle of it, anyway, and long enough to make you feel quite tired by the time you’ve walked its whole length! More naturally landscaped than Lodi, and with a few hillocks in it, to make you feel less as if you’re in the city (though with fairly busy roads on each side, that doesn’t really work). Nice, though. There’s an Artist’s Corner on Sundays – some of the paintings are really pretty good.

Asola Wildlife Sanctuary

Eicher p162, G3. Right down at Delhi’s southern border with Haryana State, near Tughlaqabad Fort (worth a look in itself). Very hard to find at the moment, with only one signpost just outside the main gate to tell you where it is. Work is currently underway to create a proper trail with signage. A couple of interesting animals, like nilgai (Asia’s largest antelope, also known as blue bull) and black buck (a highly endangered species in the wild). But also a very nice way to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city without having to travel for miles.

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