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MM2H: Malaysia My Second Home

Unlike some of its more bureaucratic neighbouring countries, the Malaysian government has an active policy of encouraging suitable foreigners to settle or stay long-term in their country. To this end they launched their MM2H programme several years ago to offer long-stay visas for qualifying applicants.  One of the main benefits on offer is a ten-year, renewable, multi-entry visa.

We met Andy Davison, an approved agent for the MM2H programme, to talk about this and various other expat-related matters.  Andy also runs the successful glossy magazine The Expat, which is widely distributed throughout Malaysia, as well as running the hugely popular Expat Expo, which has now become an annual event in Kuala Lumpur.

As with any major move to a new country, inevitably people will have plenty of questions, such as “What exactly are the benefits on offer?”, “How do I qualify for the visa I need?”, and many others. Many of them are answered on the website and if they’re not, there is also a free help desk there too where you can submit your queries online.

There’s lots more on offer on the website – loads of information on the site itself plus a free email newsletter with updates about the programme and news from Malaysia. If you are considering a move to Malaysia then this website really must be your first port of call. Don’t forget also that they run the annual Expat Expo, which is a terrific chance to get a feel for the place, meet people, glean information, and make valuable contacts.

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