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Brits drawn to non-euro hotspots

Non-euro destinations are still interesting British travellers despite the recent resurgence of the pound against the euro, according to International Currency Exchange (Ice).

The company released figures showing the Turkish lira is now its third most popular currency, despite an 8.6% fall in the value of sterling against the lira since June last year.

Croatia and Bulgaria will also be “key hotspots” this summer, according to Ice, with both countries offering better value for Brits than in 2009.

Joanna Williams, head of marketing for Ice, said: “The popularity of the eurozone is seeing a resurgence due to the strengthening pound against the euro.

“But Brits are also capitalising on favourable exchange rates, low day-to-day living costs and Mediterranean temperatures in non-euro hotspots Croatia and Bulgaria.”

The US dollar remained the second most popular currency behind the euro, leading Ice to suggest that a relatively poor exchange rate and the recent oil spill “don’t seem to be deterring travellers”.

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