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Five questions about Life in the UK – Quick Quiz

These days people wanting to gain British citizenship have to sit a “Life in the UK” test.  We came across a study guide in our local bookshop, and thought it might be fun to try some of their practice tests. I was a bit surprised at how difficult some of them are. Why not have a go and see if you’d qualify for British citizenship! Do let us know how you get on by commenting below.

  1. Who usually chooses who will be the Archbishop of Canterbury?
    1. The monarch
    2. The Prime Minister and a committee appointed by the Church of England
    3. A committee appointed by the Church of England
    4. The Prime Minister

  1. Which of these statements about Olympic gold medal winner Mary Peters is not true?
    1. She won gold at the 1976 Olympics in the 200 metres
    2. She became team manager for the women’s British Olympics team
    3. In 2000 she was made a Dame of the Order of the British Empire
    4. She moved to Northern Ireland as a child and continues to promote sport and tourism there
  2. Which of these groups below came to England during the Middle Ages to trade or to work?
    1. Mercenaries from Spain
    2. Glass manufacturers from Italy
    3. Missionaries from Holland
    4. Nurses from Turkey
  3. Which of the following statements is correct?
    1. St Helena and the Falkland Islands are Crown Dependencies
    2. St Helena and the Falkland Islands are British Overseas Territories
  4. Who succeeded Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector following his death in 1658?
    1. His son, Robert
    2. His son, Richard
    3. His son, Thomas
    4. Charles II

Check your answers here!

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