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Get Out While You Can

Get Out While You Can

by George Marshall

Plan A. Work hard at school, secure a good job, set your sights on promotion, climb the corporate ladder, live happily ever after.

Reality check for Plan A. Work longer and longer hours just to make ends meet, condemned to a life of wage slavery, drowning in a sea of debt, poverty of mind and spirit, existing only to work.

Plan B. A simple yet revolutionary idea…


Get Out While You Can by George MarshallThe premise of this book is that Plan B is the better option and the book guides you through the process, step by step, of making Plan B a reality for you.

I identified very strongly with this book as indeed I am a Plan B person already. I had also made a little progress towards writing such a book myself. However, I was still at the stage of outlining the chapters of my proposed book and George has pipped me at the post by publishing his. I guess that’s me off the hook for writing the book now as Get Out While You Can is very much the book I would have written, had I been quicker off the mark to do it.

This is not a get-rich-quick plan, nor does George recommend that you recklessly give up your day job today, especially if your household depends on the income. Instead, he plots a course where you can start small and grow your financial independence. You don’t need vast sums to invest – it’s possible to get started with as little as £50.

The idea is to create multiple revenue streams of automated income which lead to your making money while you sleep. Literally! Perhaps some of you are sceptical about this. Does it sound too good to be true?  No, actually, I can vouch that it’s possible. I get up every day and check to see how much I earned while I slept, so does George, so can you.

How is it possible? The trick is that you make the same piece of work earn over and over again. Say you spend an hour today working for someone else. You will be paid for that one hour of your time. And that’s it. The time is gone now and you can never get it back. You can’t get paid for that hour again either. Now, think what if you had spent that hour working for yourself creating something that can generate revenue day after day, month after month, year after year even. Wouldn’t that be nice?  It’s not so hard to do.

Think about the magic of numbers and compounding. If you did enough work every day to generate £1, then after one year (or 365 days) the accumulated earnings would amount to £66,795. Where did that figure come from? Well, it’s £1 on Day One, £2 on Day Two, £3 on Day Three etc. Because on any given day, you still have the work you did on all the previous days behind you. Obviously life isn’t that predictable, but the figures are believable and achievable. So, how do you go about this?  The book spells it out for you.

Need a website? The book explains domains, hosting and website build for total beginners. Want to make money with the website? The book explains various methods of monetisation. It even tells you how to get more visitors to your website – the more visitors you get, the more chances you have of making money from your website traffic.

The good thing about this book is that it holds your hand all the way. It really is a blueprint which shows you how to get out while you can. If you follow the advice and work through the process of making Plan B a reality, then this book could well be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Get out while you can

George Marshall
Paperback, 440 pages
Geronimo! Books
Publication date: 16 May 2011
(advance copies now available from
ISBN-13 978-0-9535932-1-7
RRP: £14.99

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