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Life the Romanian way

Being an expat from Blighty and now running a bed-and-breakfast just outside Pitești for about 18 months, I’ve had the pleasure of sampling most of the delights the way of life has to offer here, for instance –

“Life in the fast lane”
Any stretch of road that has fewer than 10 wagon-and-horses on it.

“The meaning of life”
Never crossing a zebra crossing.

“The specialist”
Anyone, as long as they’ve got a screwdriver.

“The meaning of a troglodyte”
Have you seen Romanian men?

“Driving skills”
Yeah, right!! I think the second definition above gives a good indication of the driving mentality.

“Good food and drink”
Can you tell me where to get some? The local idea of good drink is “Balinka”. I run my car on it, and it’s brilliant at removing stains that don’t come out in the wash.

Not to say that life here is all bad, that’s to say I must be able to find something good. Oh yes, nice mountains and it’s cheap. Steady! I’m getting over-stimulated. I’m sure that someone in the UK is having a good laugh after spiking my drink all those months ago when I thought of this great idea – LET’S MOVE TO ROMANIA!

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