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Five questions about walls – Quick Quiz

Walls are such a feature of everyday life that it’s easy to forget about them sometimes. But they’re actually pretty interesting things. See how much you really know about them!

  1. The Great Wall of China is sometimes said (wrongly) to be the only man-made object visible from the Moon. How many times better than normal (20/20) vision would your sight have to be to see it?
  2. Hadrian’s Wall famously separated Roman Britain from the Caledonian tribes to the north. But the Romans built a wall further north still. What is it commonly called, and which river estuaries did it connect?
  3. The Berlin Wall prevented East Germans from entering West Berlin. In what year was it built? And in what year did it start to come down?
  4. Which Wall appeared in three ITV soap operas?
  5. Wall’s ice cream is the original company behind the world’s largest ice cream manufacturer, Heartbrand. Which multinational company now owns it?

Check your answers here!

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