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Five questions about Ireland – Quick Quiz

With the UK now firmly committed to Brexit (whatever that means. Theresa May’s assured us it means Brexit, which is useful…), several Britons are frantically scrabbling through their ancestors to see if they can dredge up a claim to Irish (and thus EU) citizenship.

Ireland doesn’t impose a citizenship test, even for people applying to become naturalised citizens. But we thought it’d be fun to devise one anyway—after all, shouldn’t every “paper Paddy” know at least something about their new mother country?

  1. Who or what is the annual celebration Bloomsday named for?
    For a bonus point, on which date is it celebrated?
  2. What is Ireland’s Eye?
    1. A small uninhabited island near Dublin
    2. An emerald, similar in size to the Koh-i-Noor diamond
    3. A camera obscura in Limerick
    4. A giant Ferris wheel on the south bank of the River Liffey
  3. The Blarney Stone is a block of what type of rock?
  4. Which saint reputedly founded the city of Cork?
  5. The term “Dublin Lawyer” refers to which of the following?
    1. The pub know-all
    2. A dish of lobster with whiskey and cream
    3. A particular style of umbrella
    4. A flowering plant, like a lupin

Check your answers here!

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