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Five questions about British TV sitcoms (2) – Quick Quiz Answers

We asked you five more fiendish questions about British TV sitcoms. Here come the answers!

  1. In Porridge, Fletcher had a daughter who visited him regularly. What was the daughter’s name?
    Ingrid Fletcher, played by Patricia Brake. Brake’s probably still best known for that role, although she’s been in several hit TV shows before and since. She became Ingrid Godber in the last episode of the sequel series Going Straight.
  2. In The Good Life, what were the names of the Goods’ two pigs?
    Pinky and Perky, after the pig puppets in the eponymous BBC children’s television series. Unlike the puppets, to the best of our knowledge the Goods’ pigs were never required to wear different-coloured dungarees or a beret to distinguish one from the other.
  3. In which lane did Steptoe and Son live?
    Oil Drum Lane, a fictional road in Shepherd’s Bush. The series ran for eight seasons from 1962-65 and 1970-74. The theme music, “Old Ned”, was composed by Australian composer Ron Grainer, who also wrote the theme to Doctor Who.
  4. What was the name of the bus company which Stan, Jack and Blakey worked for in On The Buses?
    The Luxton & District Traction Company. Luxton’s an entirely fictional place, but the depot and buses came from the Eastern & National Omnibus Company in Wood Green in northern London.
  5. In Sorry! what was Timothy’s profession?
    He was a librarian. Aged 41 at the series and then subsequently re-aged 42 and then 48, Timothy was played by Ronnie Corbett, who was 50 at the time the series started in 1981 and 57 by its end in 1988.

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