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RRS Discovery

Pic of the Week – 25 March 2005

RRS Discovery at the Discovery Point Antarctic Museum, Dundee

by Mike Clark © 2005

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Mike adds:

“This year is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Not many people know that, but the British Tourist Authority is trying to spread the word. This is SeaBritain 2005. It is a year-long promotion of the UK’s maritime heritage, and among its principal sponsors are the Maritime Museum, and BBC History magazine, the latter doing a ‘special’ this spring.

“When BBC History’s list of proposed venues was issued, Clarkie couldn’t help but note that none were north of Hadrian’s Wall. Clarkie challenged this, as you would expect, and as a result was commissioned to do a piece on RRS Discovery.

“Not HMS, as I thought it was called. It is a Royal Research Ship, and it carried Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his team of scientists to Antarctica. Despite being ice-bound for two winters, this sturdy ship brought them home, and went on to even greater things.”

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