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Nelson the Sheep

Pic of the Week: 26 May 2015

Shaun the Sheep as Nelson in Trafalgar Square

by Dave McMahon © 2015

Dave adds:

“On our occasional jaunts around London, Kay and I have spotted a few fibreglass statues of Shaun the Sheep in key locations.

“The first we saw was next to City Hall on the South Bank near Tower Bridge—it was Shaun as a leopard. Why, we’re not sure. But he certainly seemed to be attracting plenty of attention from the passers-by.

“Then one afternoon I happened to be passing through Trafalgar Square and saw this one. Thanks to my trusty mobile, I was able to quickly snap this. Not as easy as you might think, because Shaun’s quite low to the ground and Nelson’s Column is pretty tall, so I had to hold the phone so close to the ground that I couldn’t see the screen to compose the shot; I had to hit and hope. This one was a case of third time lucky.

“There’s another one outside the British Council’s headquarters in nearby Spring Gardens. Oddly, it’s called Me llamo Shaun (“My name is Shaun” in Spanish). Why someone would choose to give a Spanish name to a statue outside an organisation famous for its English-language teaching, I don’t know, but there you go.

“It turns out they’re all part of the Shaun in the City exhibition, involving 120 Shauns in locations across London and Bristol. They’re to be auctioned off on 8 October, with the proceeds going to support children in hospitals and hospices across the UK.”

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