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Cleaning company help for expat landlords

The Benefits of Using a Cleaning Company for Your Property

Move Out Mates logoWhen asked about why they  pay for  services from a cleaning company, people are decisive. The two most common answers are: “I don’t have the time” and “I’d rather somebody else do it”. Of course, there are other answers, but those explain the primary motivations. And it’s logical; if you are a landlord, owning a few properties, living abroad or simply having a different business, time is a privilege.

Here are the top benefits of using a cleaning company.

Time saving

The biggest benefit to using a company to do your cleaning is time. As we know, time is invaluable and we’ve only got so much to spend in 24 hour day frame. End of tenancy cleaning in its core as a service means to completely sanitise and cleanse a property, so that it’s in its best state for it’s new occupants.
More often than not, a rented property is only deep-cleaned between tenancies, which already suggests for a huge mess. Even if the apartment is maintained well, the hard to reach spots around the furniture and appliances accumulate a horrific amount of dirt, grime and dust.
For a single person to complete the cleaning task in such conditions would require anything from a day to half a week depending on the property. Professional cleaners have the advantage of knowing exactly where and what needs more attention, using a strictly defined check-list. They also have the best practices and professional tools and materials to get the job done in as little time as possible.

More Desirable for Future Tenants

It’s a well-known truth that the visual appearance of a property is one of the most important factors prospective tenants consider. People are far more inclined to consider a sparkling property than an averagely cleaned one. Furthermore, the cleanliness and aesthetics can easily mitigate or compensate for flaws and downsides to your property, which will inevitably exist.

Money Saving

Money saving is not the typical thing you’d think of, when paying for a task you could perform on your own. However, having your property regularly cleaned can save you a lot of money in unexpected ways. Cleaning a flat or house frequently will identify problems like mould, mildew and rot early in time and allow you to take effective measures before the problem worsens and bigger investments are required. Also, soft furnishings and carpets can extend their lifespans when being taken care of.
Bonus tip: Professional cleaning companies usually have a re-clean policy. If you are not satisfied, they will clean again for free.

No Effort

Face it, nobody likes cleaning. In fact, most people would do everything to avoid the tedious chores. In addition, just a quick vacuum around will waste everybody’s time, while scrubbing for three hours will feel like wasting your whole day. And, there will always be those super-hard to reach places like the top of the window…on the outside, or behind the fridge. You won’t get to most of them as hard as you try, because you don’t have the tools you need.
It’s a logical benefit, but some people don’t realise how hard it could be to clean a three-bedroom property from top to bottom.

You Don’t Have the Know-How

Do you use vinegar and baking soda in your cleaning, like every Internet article tells you to ? Well, did you know vinegar can ruin your expensive marble surface ? There are a lot of costly mistakes that can happen if you don’t know how to clean properly and what to use where. A professional cleaner wouldn’t let that happen.
Not everything is pink and rainbow coloured though. “Professional cleaners” can take your money and leave their hands on the job. Cheap private cleaners tend not to rely on quality. Of course, you’ll never know that before you see the result. To get a quality service, you need to get the quality people.

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