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Electrical Goods

If you’re going to buy online, please support this site by buying through here. BE receives commissions on all sales. Thanks!

Compare before you buy:


Most UK-based electrical vendors only deliver to the UK. We’ll be adding others who deliver to other countries soon. Another thing to watch out for is that many will only deliver to the address of the credit card holder. direct – massive range of products from what used to be just a supermarket. (UKO)

24-7 Electrical – wide range of appliances including some natty ones like an England drinks cooler. (DUK mainland)

Guide to order/delivery services:

UKO – Orders from UK only
DUK – Orders from worldwide accepted but UK delivery only
LWW – Orders and delivery from a limited number of countries plus UK (Europe, US etc)
WW – Orders and delivery worldwide (where possible)

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