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Five questions about English county slogans – Quick Quiz

Tourism is big business in the UK – it’s one of the country’s biggest earners. And it’s no surprise that the counties of England have been trying to grab a bigger slice of the pie by making themselves sound more interesting, including by giving themselves slogans on the name signs at their boundaries. Some of them have some kind of link to the county’s heritage, others of them are cheesy market-speak. Here are five of the better ones – can you match the county with the slogan?

First, the slogans:

  1. Shakespeare’s County
  2. Garden of England
  3. Land of the Prince Bishops
  4. Nelson’s County
  5. Jane Austen County

Now the counties:

  1. Co. Durham
  2. Hampshire
  3. Kent
  4. Norfolk
  5. Warwickshire

Check your answers here!

PG Author: Dave

Dave was bitten by the expat bug at the age of 13 when he went to live in Germany. Since leaving school at the age of 30 (with a doctorate in something so obscure even he can't remember what it's about) he's also lived in Bangladesh, India and Thailand, and travelled to most European countries (including several that don't exist any more, though he denies responsibility), as well as Barbados, South Korea, St Vincent, UAE, Laos, and many more.

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