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A clock being put back an hour from two o'clock to one o'clock

UK clocks go back at the weekend!

Britain's (and most of Europe's) clocks go back an hour at 0100 GMT (0200 British Summer Time) on Sunday 25 October.

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"The Iron Bridge" by William Williams

The Iron Bridge

William Williams' oil-on-canvas landscape of the world's first iron bridge - both bridge and painting created to publicise Abraham Darby III's ironworks.

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The Iron Bridge and St Luke's Church, Ironbridge, by Peter Scrimshaw

Five questions about iron – Quick Quiz

Iron's fundamental to our existence: we literally can't live without it. But how much do you know about it?

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Five pub quiz questions 5 – Quick Quiz

Time for another random collection of questions with no particular theme. Have fun!

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Wedding belle

A Kazakh bride sits in wedding dress on a horse outside a yurt.

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