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Getting around Canada: Land & Air

Travelling around the world’s second largest country can be quite a challenge! Here are some of the most popular means of transport used in Canada, by land and air.


  • CPR: the Canadian Pacific Railway, a national railway freight service.
  • CNR: another national railway freight service.
  • VIA RAIL: the national passenger train service.
  • Greyhound bus lines. National buses for intercity travel.


  • Air Canada: the national airline in Canada. Thera are other smaller domestic carriers, especially in the far North.
  • Float planes, bush planes: small aircraft, usually single-engined, equipped with pontoons in summer and skis in winter, that can land and take off from water or snow. The bush plane is the taxi and freighter of the far north, and the bush plane is ubiquitous in Canada. They are everywhere.

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