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The other Falmouth, Cornwall…

Pic of the Week: 29 January 2018

Street scene in a shanty town outside Falmouth, Jamaica

by Nicholas Bayss © 2011

A street scene in a shanty town outside the port of Falmouth, chief town of Trelawny Parish on the north-western coast of Jamaica.

Falmouth was named for the birthplace in England of Sir William Trelawny, Governor of Jamaica at the time the town was founded in 1769. It was a meticulously planned development with wide streets and good water – even having piped running water before New York.

Like its English counterpart, it’s in the county of Cornwall, which in each country’s case is the westernmost county.

Famous people from the town include two world-class sprinters – Usain Bolt and the subsequently disgraced Ben Johnson – as well as Watford FC’s highest-appearing and highest-scoring player, Luther Blissett.

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