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The Ivy – Siem Reap

Opposite Psar Chaa, western corner

On our first visit to Siem Reap in April 2006, we went to the Ivy just to play pool and drink beer. The next time, encouraged by a look at the menu, we thought we’d try eating there too. It seemed a popular choice; on the Saturday evening when we decided to eat there, there were only two empty tables in the place. One of them was on the terrace next to the pavement, the other was in sight of the pool table. We chose the inside table.

Don (our American pal who’d come with us to Siem Reap on the strength of our favourable report of our April visit) and Kay chose the vegetarian burritos; Dave went for the steak sandwich with chips (billed as “fish-shop style”). The burritos arrived piping hot, with plenty of sour cream, and we all agreed they were very good. Sadly, the kitchen didn’t bring everything at once – perhaps they forgot Dave’s sandwich in the rush. In any case, it was tepid when it finally arrived. A pity, because it tasted good and would probably have been excellent if it had arrived promptly. The chips were a disappointment, too; they were indeed like UK chip shop chips, but sub-standard ones – some of them were hard, and they tasted as if the fat they’d been cooked in hadn’t been changed for a while.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5
Certainly not up to its London namesake, but not bad, and reasonable for the price. But it might be as well to avoid it during busier times.

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