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The Ivy – Siem Reap

“On our first visit to Siem Reap in April 2006, we went to the Ivy just to play pool and drink beer. The next time, encouraged by a look at the menu, we thought we’d try eating there too. It seemed a popular choice; on the Saturday evening when we decided to eat there, there were only two empty tables in the place.” Find out how we fared in the Ivy during our July 2006 visit to Siem Reap…

Pissa Italiana – Siem Reap

“The wood-fired oven was producing a fair amount of both heat and smoke, so we hesitated to sit down there. Fortunately they’ve got tables out at the back, in a little alleyway running parallel to Bar Street. Sitting out there was surprisingly pleasant, with more of the air of a Mediterranean town back street than a South East Asian one.” Kay and Dave go for pizza, pasta and more besides at Siem Reap’s Pissa Italiana.

View of Bar Street from the Soup Dragon, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Soup Dragon – Siem Reap

“The houmous was liquid; you needed a spoon to serve it, and it refused to stay on the pitta bread. The moutabel, on the other hand, was too dry and stodgy. Considering that you can get bigger, better quality portions at Molly Malone’s just down the street, we felt rather cheated.” Kay and Dave relate their very variable experiences at the Soup Dragon in Siem Reap.