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Tuk-tuk in the torrent

Pic of the Week: 18 June 2011

A tuk-tuk caught in torrential rain in Siem Reap's Pub Street

by Dave McMahon © 2011

Dave adds:

“We were staying in Siem Reap recently and decided to go out for dinner. As we were leaving the hotel one of the staff asked if we wanted to borrow an umbrella, which we politely declined. By the time we’d got half-a-mile down the road the heavens had opened!

“We stopped our tuk-tuk in Pub Street and dived into the closest bar. The rain didn’t let up for nearly an hour, by which time – as you can see from the wheels of the tuk-tuk in the photo – the street was several inches deep in water.

“I took this using Kay’s old Canon D60, which she’s handed on to me now that she’s got a spanking new 60D. I used a long exposure (one second) but didn’t have a tripod, so the picture’s not quite as sharp as you might expect.”

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