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Per astra ad ardua

Pic of the Week: 26 June 2016

Hong Kong Star Ferry arriving at Wan Chai Ferry Pier

by Paul Rushton © 2016

One of Hong Kong’s Star Ferries arriving at Wan Chai Ferry Pier on Hong Kong Island.

The Star Ferries are a familiar sight in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, where they’ve been plying between the island of Hong Kong and Kowloon on the mainland since 1888. Although there are now several tunnels across the harbour, the ferry is still a reasonably priced option for making the crossing. In fact, hundreds of people still use it for work-related journeys – hence our title above, which aviation enthusiasts will recognise as a reworking of the RAF’s motto, Per ardua ad astra, or “Through difficulties to the stars”. Turning it around, it very loosely translates as “by Star to work”…

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