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Publish your own photo book with a £30 Blurb voucher!

Have you ever fancied making your own coffee table book?  Imagine seeing your favourite photos published in a beautiful book. Your book.

Blurb make it easy! You don’t have to traipse around publishers with your project proposal and face the prospect of rejection slips. You decide what you want to put in your book, and Blurb make the book for you.

And now Blurb have made it even easier, because they’re offering a £30 voucher towards the price of your book as a prize to one lucky British Expat reader. All you have to do is comment on this post and say WHY you deserve to win the prize. A Blurb staff member will then choose a winner. The competition will close on 30 June 2010.

Have a look at Blurb. It’s an easy website to use and find information such as pricing and shipping details. Their prices are surprisingly inexpensive and they ship to most countries so, depending on what you want to do, you could even make a free book if you win the prize!

By the way, you can also sell your books via Blurb. You can use these Blurb books for any subject you like. Perhaps you’d like to make one of your wedding photos and share it with your friends and relatives. Are you an aspiring travel photographer?  Make and sell your own travel photo book.  Have you always wanted to create your own cookbook?  You can do it. The possibilities are endless.

Go on over and have a look at Blurb, and then come back and tell us WHY you deserve to win the prize. Gotta be in it to win it, as they say.

Good luck, everyone!

17 Responses to “Publish your own photo book with a £30 Blurb voucher!”

  1. Elle

    I would love to win this prize. Not for me… but for my fella, Alan. I really love his photography… and with his birthday coming up, it would be lovely to be able to present him with a book of his very own that has his beautiful pictures in it – everything from his kiddies when they were little… to the dramatic scenery of Lanzarote.
    Elle xx

  2. Mike Kingdom-Hockings

    In September, I have volunteered to be the driver for 7 French retired headmasters and other educationalists on a tour of the Scottish Highlands. We’ll start with Pitlochry Highland Games, then do the Whisky trail and on up to Inverness. I’ve arranged for a viewing of a fish lift nearby because one member is involved in plans to retrofit the Dordogne dams.

    After that, I’ll take them across to Oban and bits of the west coast.

    We’ll be taking lots of photos, but I’d love to offer them a professional-looking book as a souvenir.

  3. Mark Thorogood

    I’d use it to make a book full of dogs and cats Gozo SPCA have rescued and rehomed over the last 30 years, and then raffle it to help even more 🙂

  4. JJCE

    Would be great, not for me but for my ten year old son. Who is not so great at schoolwork, but has talent as a photographer. He has had some work published, but a super quality book of his own work would do wonders for his confidence. We have a move to Malta coming up and I could see many more of his Blurb books on the horizon.


  5. KernowKaz

    Wonderful idea, I would make a book of landscapes and wildlife, starting in Cornwall and ending in Malta.

  6. Trish Tabone

    I’d love to win this competition! I’d fill my coffee table book with photo’s of my wonderful late Father, so that he could always be within arms reach of the woman who misses him so badly – My Mum.

  7. dave dee

    Well i don’t have enough pictures to compose a book of any kind but my wife has for the past twenty years been compiling all her favourite recipes, the computor’s memory is clogged and sheets of A4 paper and notebooks everywhere. One of these days.

  8. Mr Lally

    I’d use the prize to publish my voyeuristic book on what the neighbours are up to: (example text…)

    11:37am Man next door moves rubbish to kerb. Looks around. Scratches himself.

    12:32pm Woman opposite opens curtains. Wearing purple blouse I haven’t seen before. Become distracted by bearded man eating a sandwich.

    1:43pm Woman opposite leaves house. She’s now wearing red sweater. Realize I don’t understand women.

  9. Elle

    I really REALLY want to win this for my wonderful man – so I asked some of my pals online etc to vote for my comment.

    Not sure that affects any chances – but if not, then a very heartfelt and warm congratulations to the winner! x x x x x x x

  10. Rob Aston

    Why would this be good for me ?
    Well Having just moved to Malta I would love to have something that in the years to come that i could show my Daughter (whom is only just 2) the the early days of our move including the good the bad and the ugly, also to brag to all the family and friends that come to stay about the the book that has been left on the kitchen table in full view 🙂

  11. Dave McMahon

    Please, please, please can I ask people not to give negative votes to others simply to help their own friends?

    Votes don’t make any difference – when the competition closes, as Kay’s already said:

    A Blurb staff member will then choose a winner

    Voting against others isn’t going to help your own preferred candidate. It’s just not nice.

  12. Elle

    I absolutely agree – and I stressed that to my friends when speaking to them about it. I would deal with them very harshly if I found out that ANYONE was doing this.
    Elle xx

  13. Dave McMahon

    Thanks, Elle. In fairness, it’s entirely possible that someone’s simply come along and indulged in a bit of vandalism. The Web’s a wonderful facility, but there are always some sickos who gain some sort of twisted pleasure out of spoiling it.

    Anyway, I’ve now removed the negative comments. I hope there won’t be any more – after all, what’s the point?

  14. bruce

    i’d like to win so that i can make a book as a nice memory for my sister of photos from her wedding which was in May, as she lives in France so i don’t get to see her often and it would be nice to do something for her. Plus my brother gets married in September, so would be cool to do something similar for him then too if it went well (or for his fiancee more like!).

  15. Kay McMahon

    Thanks to everyone who entered. The competition is closed now and I’ll annouce the result ASAP. The winner will be chosen by someone from Blurb. With so many exciting ideas and good entries, I’m glad it’s not my job to choose!

  16. Mike K-H

    Well done, Trish, and many thanks to Blurb.

    Kay & Dave: that was fun – what’s next? (With apologies to the writer of ‘Plop, the Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’, a brilliant children’s book)

  17. Kay McMahon

    Thanks, Mike. I don’t know what’s next but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more prizes to give away.

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