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Canal Dreams

Pic of the Week: 29 August 2014

Building at the Lekkeresluis bridge on Amsterdam's Prinsengracht

by Volha Kavalenkava © 2014

A night scene on Amsterdam’s famous Prinsengracht canal, at its junction with the almost-as-famous Brouwersgracht, on the northern tip of the inner city’s semicircular canal belt built in the 17th century. The Prinsengracht is the outermost running along the belt’s circumference and is thus the longest; the Brouwersgracht is the last radial canal at the north-western end of the belt.

The bridge is the Lekkeresluis, built in the late 18th century. ‘Lekker’ can mean anything from ‘comfortable’ to ‘tasty’. Suffice to say it’s a desirable attribute!

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