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Five questions about cakes – Quick Quiz

Everyone loves cake, don’t they? Here’s five questions all about them!

  1. What fruit-and-marzipan cake, linked with Easter, shares its name with a pretender to the English throne?
  2. Unlike most cakes, Pontefract cakes aren’t made from flour and eggs. So what are they made of?
  3. McVities went to a tribunal in 1991 to ensure that VAT would not be payable on Jaffa Cakes. Are Jaffa Cakes cakes or biscuits?
  4. Which cake is traditionally supposed to have been invented because Mary, Queen of Scots didn’t like cherries?
  5. Which The Apprentice candidate explained in 2008 that “people in a size 16 and 32 dress are size 16 and 32 for a reason. They love cake”?

Check your answers here!

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